Celebrating Affinity’s One Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year! The time has flown by so quickly!  Affinity has come so far in such a short time.  When Affinity Wellness Centre first opened it was only me, Tiffany Stern,  and a dream of having a clinic full of amazing practitioners.  I dreamt of an integrated and intuitive health care team, hence our mission statement was made – Integrated Health, Intuitive Care.  Today, that vision has become a reality!  Affinity has 4 amazing practitioners, each with our own style, passion and talent!  We work together in a cooperative and holistic way to treat each of our patients harmoniously and with the best of our combined abilities.

Thinking back on where Affinity has come in the past year gives me goosebumps. We have definitely had our ups and downs!

I remember in the week before we opened the doors –  we had a huge flood! Myself and a few friends were putting up shelving in the kitchen and, despite our best efforts, we hit a pipe. It ended up causing a massive leak through the walls and onto the floor.  My friend thought he had broken Affinity and I was freaking out that I would have to claim insurance before we even opened!  Thanks to some ingenuity and a few on the ball family members we got through it and there was no lasting damage.

Since then Affinity has been on a steady incline of success!  We have had our share of challenges, but what is life if what we strive for is too easy?

I am so grateful to such a large number people!  Affinity truly would not be in existence without the help and support of my family, friends and patients!  There are too many people to name and I do not want to miss anyone.  You know who you are!  Thank you so much for your time, your support, your patronage and your positive influence on myself and Affinity!

Without all of you none of this would have been possible!

In celebration of our one year anniversary and in thanks for all of your support Affinity is holding a week long event at the clinic.  Stop by anytime between August 1st and August 6th to partake in free food, giveaways and to enter for your chance to win some amazing prizes!  For more information please visit our promotions page; affinitywellness.ca/promotions/

Thank you again for an amazing first year! Here’s to another year of harmony at Affinity Wellness Centre!

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