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John Rowe – Kinesiologist

Since 2014, Jon has embraced the fundamental starting point of posture analysis as taught by the Postural Restoration Institute. Understanding his clients’ postural baseline not only guides the training process but also helps determine their specific needs. Jon’s clientele spans across rehabilitation, lifestyle, and athletic domains. Many individuals seeking rehabilitation have experienced car accidents or endure persistent pain they wish to alleviate. Lifestyle clients, on the other hand, strive for overall well-being and injury prevention. Athletes vary from high school to university to professional levels. While some rehab and lifestyle clients may have concerns about strength training, it is actually centered around optimizing movement. Optimal movement aims to redistribute stress away from vulnerable tissues and onto those capable of handling it. Rest assured, heavy lifting or overly intense training sessions are not mandatory. Jon’s approach is all about empowering you and your training, so you can take pride in the progress you make towards improved movement and well-being.